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Two Left Feet (Forrest/Maggie)
         The radio had been on a lot more with Maggie Beauford in the house. She claimed that she wasn't used to the quiet of the country just yet. And if there was anything she missed about the city it was the music and the dancing. When certain songs came on she would talk of the memories they brought up. When she danced to it and who with. Forrest never really liked to hear about the latter part, but he knew just how hypocritical he would sound to voice it. He hadn't danced with Maggie once, even when she asked him to. He was stuck between having a reputation to keep with his brothers and not wanting to completely embarrass himself due to the fact that dancing was never his strong suit. So he always just shook his head with a grunt and went back to whatever it was he was doing.
         But this night was different. Jack and Howard were both out, stirring up who knows what kind of trouble, leaving Maggie and Forrest alone for the evening. It was peaceful for once, Forrest had to adm
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Close Up by linkthehylianhero Close Up :iconlinkthehylianhero:linkthehylianhero 18 1
Darkest Before The Dawn (MShepxKaidan Aftermath)
         It was hard to wake up, to pull himself from the darkness. It was the best rest he had been graced with in a long while. But Commander Shepard's still body eventually drew in a sharp breath, and shortly after, his eyes fluttered open. Though he was greeted with complete darkness. Rubble was packed all around him, casting him in the darkest of shadows. He couldn't even see his leg which he realized was in more pain than the rest of his broken body. He wondered how long he had been out. He tried to activate his omni-tool, but it only blipped on and off. He was shaking he realized as he toyed with the settings. He could hardly press the buttons, yet he wasn't cold. Or at least he didn't think he was. He managed to stabilize the omni-tool enough to work with, but the image was almost as unstable as his hands were. He discovered he had been unconscious for three days. Three days seemed like a long time. In three days the council would have begun making plans to clean up and repair
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Black and White by linkthehylianhero Black and White :iconlinkthehylianhero:linkthehylianhero 7 0 Battle Ready by linkthehylianhero Battle Ready :iconlinkthehylianhero:linkthehylianhero 1 0 Hidden Blade by linkthehylianhero Hidden Blade :iconlinkthehylianhero:linkthehylianhero 76 52 Glance by linkthehylianhero Glance :iconlinkthehylianhero:linkthehylianhero 35 6 When I Ruled the World 2 by linkthehylianhero When I Ruled the World 2 :iconlinkthehylianhero:linkthehylianhero 8 0


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